1. Children Must Attend School Punctually And Regularly. Late Arrivals Will Be Severely Dealt With And Will Be Considered As Breach Of Discipline And The Child Will Not Be Allowed To Attend School On That Day.
  2. The Period Of The Leave With Reason Should Also Be Recorded In The Regularity Record Of The Diary By The Parent With Signature.
  3. A Sick Child Should Not Be Sent To School Even If There Be An Examination.
  4. In Case Of Illness A Medical Fitness Certificate From A Registered Medical Practitioner Must Be Attached With The Application On The Day Of Return To School.
  5. In Case Of Infectious And Contagious Diseases Like Conjunctivitis, Measles, Mumps And Chicken Pox, The Quarantine Period Specified Below Must Be Observed. (1) Conjunctivitis – 3 Days (2) Measles & Mumps – 14 Days (3) Chicken Pox – 21 Days.