Mrs. Nitu Chattopadhyay

Our vision of education has always been meeting the needs of our students. Education is not mere accumulation of facts; it is preparation of life itself. Education and knowledge are two important aspects which always take the students higher and higher. A blend of wisdom and ethics develops the personality of the students, moulds their character and develops their skills which help them cope up with problems and challenges of the complex world of today. 

The aim of H. M. Education Centre is not only to make the students successful in life, but also make them conscious of their duties and responsibilities towards their fellow citizens From a humble beginning the Institute has sprawled to a large expanse. We believe that our assets are our students and we enable them to soar high-morally, socially and spiritually. We believe that our students need to learn that the secret of success and contentment lies in discovering one’s own strengths as well as limitations. The students are groomed into a complete individual with a quality of leadership in them. We emphasize on sports, cultural activities and extracurricular activities. This helps the students enhance their personality and progress laterally.

In HMEC we train our students to face the challenges at global context. Our aim is to impart knowledge and enhance professional skills which enable the students of different backgrounds to achieve their educational goals and develop their overall personalities to become effective global leaders. You will experience the ambience of a place where students are always striving for excellence. The students always continue to scale new heights of achievement in manifesting talent and winning laurels.

We welcome you to experience the difference.