Mr. B. C. Mishra

Dear All,

I am extremely happy to address all of you through our school website, which marks the growth of the school, unfolds the imaginations of the students and gives life to their thoughts and aspirations.

H.M. Education Centre believes in academic excellence and holistic escalation which will always hold excellence in its every endeavour to be globally renowned by the marks of its pathfinders and students. Here, a positive environment permeates the whole campus. A school rooted in tradition and nurturing universal values can only grow from strength to strength. Academic excellence along with co-curricular activities complete the process of education and it gives me great satisfaction that the school is progressing in all its aspects towards the overall development and personality of its students.

I extend my warm greetings to the Rector, Principal, Vice Principal, staff and students! I congratulate the entire team for their hard work and dedication in making this dream come true!

All the Best!

With regards


Member, H. M. Education Trust

Chairman, H. M. Schools Managing Committee