The School Offers A Variety Of House Activities Through Sports, Clubs, Music Etc. We Encourage Our Students To Participate In Various Types Of Inter House Competitions Arranged By Schools And Also The Competitions Organised By Other Organizations. The House System Has Been In Existence Since 1998. Creating A Healthy Competitive Spirit Among Pupils, Students Are Divided Into Four Houses Named After The Legendary Figures As Given Below Whose Contributions Have Taken The Nation To Greater Heights Of Acclaim.

  1. Sri Aurobindo (Aug15, 1872 – Dec 5, 1950) Was A Great Patriot, Scholar, Mystic, Philosopher And Yogi. Sri Aurobindo Believed That Education Should Create Dynamic Citizens Who Will Serve Our Nation With A Conscience Thrust On Honesty And Truth.
  2. Sri Aurobindo Propounded The Concept Of Integral Education. His Philosophy Of Holistic Education Is Meant To Bring Out The Best In A Child, Develop His Potentialities To The Maximum And Integrate Him With Himself, His Surroundings, His Country And Humanity So That He Becomes A Complete Man.
  3. The Most Important Aspects Of An Individual Are His Character, His Personality And His Values. The Very Spring And Root Of Honesty And Virtue Lies In Good Education. Empowering Our Children With Such Education Is Our Motto.
  1. “The Sincere Alone Can Recognize Sincerity” – This Thought Truly Reflects In The Life Of Tagore Whose Untiring Efforts In The Field Of Education And His Utopian Dream To See His Country Ahead Of Others, Has Even To This Day, Motivated Generation After Generation.
  2. Tagore’s Philosophical Thoughts In His Creation – ‘Gitanjali’ And Other Immortal Writings Have Induced Courage And Ambition In The Minds Of Millions Of People All Around The World. His Endeavour To Create ‘Vishwa Bharati’ Has Guided The Youth To Contemplate Fearlessly For Their Basic Rights And All Round Development In Their Personality.
  3. Gurudev’s Paradigm Of Sincerity Has Been Emulated By ‘Tagore House’ – Which Constanly Uplifts The Spirit Of Unity, Sincerity And A Sense Of Patriotism Through Various Activities, Thereby Moulding Students To Face The Modern World.
  1. The Meaning Of ‘integrity’ Is The Quality Of Being Honest And Having Strong Moral Principles. Integrity Is A Concept Of Consistency Of Actions, Values, Methods, Measures, Principles, Expectations And Outcomes.
  2. We All Know That Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Was A Person With Highest Degree Of Morality, With Very Strong Determination And Personality. He Was Very Outspoken And Blunt In His Mannerisms. He Always Responded To Distress Calls Of The Poor, Sufferings Of The Sick And Injustice To Humanity. He Nursed Sick Cholera Patients, Went To Crematoriums To Bury Unclaimed Dead Bodies, Dined With The Untouchables And Walked Miles As A Messenger-man To Take Urgent Messages To People Who Would Benefit From Them. Vidyasagar Championed The Upliftment Of The Status Of Women In India, Particularly In His Native Place Bengal. He Faced Many Obstacles Including Life Threats But With Strong Determination And Courage He Fought Against All Odds And The Word INTEGRITY Explains His Character And Personality In True Sense.
  1. Arise, Awake And Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached’.
  2. Fraternity Is The Concept Which Emphasizes The Solidarity Of Mankind. Swami Vivekananda’s Idea Of Fraternity Is Rooted In His Idealistic Thesis Of The Divine Pedigree Of All Men. Fraternity Is An Emotional Link Binding All Men Together. It Is Connotative Of A Proper Method Of Distribution Of Everything That Meets The Need Of All Men. Fraternity Implies Cooperation. By Developing The Feeling Of Fraternal Cooperation, Men Can Expect All Round Prosperity. Swamiji Said That The Consequent Spontaneous Impulse Of Cooperation Is Duty Of An Individual Himself. At The ‘Parliament Of The World’s Religion’ Which Was Held In Chicago In 1893, This Great Monk Prayed For World Peace And Fraternity.
  3. Vivekananda House, Too, Looks Up To The Ideals Of This Great Visionary And Motivates The Young Souls To Develop Courage, Confidence, Will Power And Unity.